Frequently Asked Questions

What types of leagues do you offer?

We offer leagues for all skill types. Listed below are the different leagues that we offer.

  • B+ ~ This league is for people who have played organized volleyball at a competitive level. This is our most advanced league and is highly competitive.
  • B ~ This league is for people who have played organized volleyball. This is our advanced league.
  • C ~ This league is for people who have some volleyball experience, but are not highly competitive. This is our intermediate league. 
  • Social ~ This league is great for people who have never played volleyball before and for people who are just looking to have a good time. This is our recreational league.
  • 4's - A ~ This is an open format 4's league for highly competitive teams.
  • 4's - B ~ This is an open format 4's league for competitive teams.
  • Coed 4's - A ~ This is a coed (2 guys and 2 girls) 4's league for highly competitive teams.
  • King / Queen 4's - B+ ~ This is a King / Queen 4's league. Sign up as a couple (guy / girl) and get paired with a different couple each week to play coed 4's. This is a highly competitive league. 
  • Early Bird ~ This league is for people who are looking to play at 5:30 every week.


What is the cost of the league?

Monday through Thursday leagues are $275. Sunday and Friday leagues are $175. All Fall leagues are $100.


Are there any sign up specials?

Yes, we do have two different sign up specials for Summer 2019. 

  • Sign up by 01.31 and receive a 5% discount.
  • Sign up for a second league on Friday or Sunday for $100. Please note that the captains must be the same in order for you to qualify for this special. 
  • For our Fall 2019 leagues, sign up by 07.31 to receive a 5% discount. 


What time do matches start at?

Summer Leagues

  • Monday through Thursday matches rotate between 6:30, 7:25, 8:20, and 9:15.
  • Friday matches are at 5:30, 6:30, 7:30, or 8:30.
  • Sunday matches are at 3:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30, 7:30, or 8:30.
  • There are Early Bird leagues on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 5:30. 

Fall Leagues

  • Match times will be determined by the number of teams that are playing on a given night. 
    • 16 teams or less - Teams will play at 6:30 and 7:30 every week
    • 17 to 24 teams - Teams will rotate between the following three timeslots: 6:30 / 7:30, 7:30 / 8:30, and 6:30 / 8:30
    • 25 to 32 teams - Teams will rotate between the following two timeslots: 6:30 / 7:25 and 8:20 / 9:15


How long does the season last?

  • The summer season lasts 16 weeks, which includes 2 weeks of playoffs. All teams are scheduled to play 1 match per night. If you are interested in playing multiple matches a night, check out our Friday and Sunday leagues where you sign up for specific time slots. 
  • The fall season lasts 8 weeks, which includes 1 week of playoffs. All teams are scheduled to play 2 matches per night.


Are all of the leagues co-ed?

All of the leagues are co-ed with the exception of our 4's leagues on Monday nights. Our 4's leagues can be played with any combination of guys and/or girls.


Is there a girl rule?

The girl rule is enforced for all of our co-ed leagues. If your team hits the ball two or more times, one of the hits must be by a girl.


How many girls have to be on the court?

For our co-ed leagues, you can play with up to one more guy than girl. You could play with three guys and two girls, but not four guys and two girls.


Are there refs for the matches? 

All of our leagues are self reffed. If you have any questions on the rules, please contact us via email. Also, the rules will be available at the volleyball bar in case you need to refer to them. 


When will schedules be available?

Schedules will be posted to the league website one week prior to your first night of play. As an fyi, the summer leagues start on Monday, 04.29.


Do all teams make the playoffs?

Yes, all teams make the playoffs. Each team will have a match scheduled for both weeks of the playoffs. 


Who can I contact if I have additional questions? 

You can email us at with any other questions.