Summer 2019 Standings
Summer 2019
ThursdaySocial 1Mind the GAAP138
FridaySocial 4 - 8:30Team Sanchez122
TuesdaySocial 2Its Smokin'119
WednesdaySocial 2Bumpin’ Uglies103
WednesdayC3Natty Oaks Shenanigan Squad95
SundaySocial 2 - 4:30Drunkin Raccoons89
ThursdaySocial 3 - Early BirdParrotheads87
WednesdaySocial 1Bumpin Uglies70
WednesdayB2Bumpin Uglies62
WednesdayC4 - Early BirdBump Set Sangria59
ThursdaySocial 1We're Only Here for the Beer57
WednesdaySocial 2Team Cheryl55
MondaySocial 2Our Balls Dropped54
SundaySocial 2 - 4:30Menace II Sobriety53
WednesdaySocial 1One Hit Wonders50
SundaySocial 2 - 4:30Chicken Wangs47
FridaySocial 3 - 7:30Notorious DIG38
WednesdayB2Waddle Cranes33
WednesdayC1Sand Castle Crushers30
FridaySocial 4 - 8:30Dropped - Volley My Ballz29
SundaySocial 2 - 4:30Nina's Team28
WednesdayC4 - Early BirdJWW'S TOP GUNS27
ThursdaySocial 3 - Early BirdTop Gun27
MondayC2Sand in Our Cracks25
WednesdaySocial 1Pitcher Busters20
WednesdaySocial 3 - Early BirdWe Showed Up!20
SundaySocial 4 - 7:30Sets on the Beach20
MondaySocial 1Trash Pandas19
TuesdaySocial 2That's What She Set19
WednesdayC3How I Set Your Mother19
WednesdayC4 - Early BirdDematics’ Volley Llamas17
ThursdayC2Summer Eclipse17
WednesdayC1Chug Monkeys15
ThursdayC3 - Early BirdLarry's Legends15
ThursdaySocial 3 - Early BirdHappy Thursdaaaaay14
MondayC2I'd Hit That13
TuesdayC1Kiss My Ace13
TuesdayC1One Hit Wonders13
SundaySocial 3 - 6:30Brass Monkey13
SundaySocial 3 - 6:30DANG!13
WednesdaySocial 3 - Early BirdVolley Llamas - Duane12
ThursdayC2Holyland Aceholes12
WednesdayB2Horny Swagger11
ThursdayC3 - Early BirdSets Offenders11
TuesdaySocial 1Over-served10
WednesdayB1Team Pancakes10
WednesdayC1Jim Stansel and the Sheboygan Volleycats10
MondaySocial 1Mat-Tech Inc.9
TuesdaySocial 1The Empire Spikes Back9
TuesdaySocial 1Total Eclipse of the Moon9
ThursdayC1Kiss My Ace9
TuesdayC1Fall Back7
WednesdayB1Ball Busters7
ThursdayB1Notorious D.I.G.7
SundayC3 - 5:30DTP7
WednesdayC2Six Pack Attack6
ThursdaySocial 3 - Early BirdRangers of Motion6
TuesdaySocial 2Dropped - How I Set Your Mother5
ThursdayC2Random Smashing5
ThursdayC3 - Early BirdJust J's5
MondaySocial 1ACE Inhibitors4
WednesdayB+Bump Set Darnell4
WednesdayC1All We Spike is Punch4
WednesdaySocial 2The Volley Llamas4
SundaySocial 3 - 6:30Sets on the Beach4
TuesdayC3Free Ballin'3
TuesdayC4 - Early BirdKiss My Ace3
WednesdayB+The RHM Way3
WednesdayC4 - Early BirdChewblocka3
ThursdayB2Volley Llamas3
ThursdaySocial 2Ruth's Ruthlessness3
ThursdaySocial 3 - Early BirdDematic Sets on the Beach3
SundayC3 - 5:30Dickens3
SundaySocial 2 - 4:30#Sorrynotsorry3
MondayB1Cleveland Pub2
MondayC1I'd Tap That2
MondayC2Serve Us Up2
TuesdayB1Committed to the Court2
TuesdayC1Fish Outta Water2
WednesdayB+Team Merica2
WednesdaySocial 1Beer, Net Assets, and Battlestar Galactica2
WednesdaySocial 1The Empire Spikes Back2
WednesdaySocial 2Sand Castle Crew2
WednesdaySocial 3 - Early BirdThat's What She Set2
WednesdaySocial 3 - Early BirdVolley Llamas - Elizabeth2
ThursdayB+Consensual Sets2
ThursdayC2Dirty Nickels2
ThursdaySocial 2Sandcrabs2
FridayB1 - 6:30Sure Shot2
FridayC2 - 8:30The Tumornators2
SundayC3 - 5:30#havingfunwithourfitness2
SundayC3 - 5:30Sun of a Beach2
SundaySocial 2 - 4:30Inappropriate Touches2
SundaySocial 3 - 6:30I’d Hit That2
SundaySocial 5 - 8:30Shoe Shoe Train2
MondaySocial 1Net Ninjas1
TuesdayC3Happy Tappers1
TuesdayC3Kim is in!1
TuesdayC4 - Early BirdIncredible Weather Pros1
TuesdayC4 - Early BirdOne POP Wonders1
WednesdayB+Just the Tip1
WednesdayB2I'd Hit That1
WednesdayC1Leaping Lederhosen1
WednesdayC4 - Early BirdCREATION INC.1
WednesdaySocial 1No Block Party1
WednesdaySocial 2Spike My Drink1
WednesdaySocial 3 - Early BirdA Team Has No Name1
WednesdaySocial 3 - Early BirdGot Scrubs?1
ThursdayB1Shut Your Vag!1
ThursdayB2That's What She Set1
ThursdayB2Workin' the Net1
ThursdayC1Short Bus1
ThursdaySocial 1Tits in the Sand (T.I.T.S.)1
FridayB1 - 6:30Hot Sets Party1
FridayB1 - 6:30Sonova Beach1
FridayB2 - 7:30Dat Ace Doe1
FridayC2 - 8:30Beavis and Bumpheads1
FridaySocial 4 - 8:30Misfit Toys1
Monday4's - AAverage Joes
Monday4's - ACouldn't Get It Up Again
Monday4's - AFalcons
Monday4's - ARun the Jewels
Monday4's - ASloppy Hitters
Monday4's - ATerminators
Monday4's - AThe Sauce
Monday4's - AWe Love Beer
Monday4's - B2 Legit 2 Hit
Monday4's - BFour on the Floor
Monday4's - BHow I Set Your Mother
Monday4's - BKiller Bees
Monday4's - BOld Fat Guys
Monday4's - BPete's Hipsters
Monday4's - BS*M*A*S*H
Monday4's - BTuna Boys
Monday4's - B - Early Bird4 Score and Seven Beers Ago
Monday4's - B - Early BirdBrick’s House
Monday4's - B - Early BirdChewblocka
Monday4's - B - Early BirdDiving Under the Influence
Monday4's - B - Early BirdOld Fat Guys
Monday4's - B - Early BirdSets on the Beach
Monday4's - B - Early BirdTeam Lemon
Monday4's - B - Early BirdThe Sauce
MondayB1Average Joes
MondayB1Dat Whale Tail
MondayB1Diving Under the Influence
MondayB1Go Bucks
MondayB1Shandy Six
MondayB1Team Name
MondayB1Too Much Tip
MondayB2Bears, Beets, Balls, Battlestar Galactica
MondayB2Hail 2 the V
MondayB2How I Set Your Mother!
MondayB2Imploding Kittens
MondayB2Net Ninjas
MondayB2Sandy Slurpz
MondayB2The Pericares
MondayB2Tippy Toes
MondayC1All About That Ace
MondayC1Bumps and Bruises
MondayC1Chumley’s Pub
MondayC1I Don't Know
MondayC1Sandy Panties
MondayC1Time for One More
MondayC2All About the Ace
MondayC2Amy's Team
MondayC2The COTX
MondayC2Wayne's World
MondayC3 - Early BirdBump Set Spike
MondayC3 - Early BirdChampion Brick
MondayC3 - Early BirdDeep Diggers
MondayC3 - Early BirdFire Breathing Dragons of Death
MondayC3 - Early BirdHollander Lions
MondayC3 - Early BirdHow I Set Your Mother
MondayC3 - Early BirdThe Null Set
MondayC3 - Early BirdThe Young and the Rest of Us
MondaySocial 1Cunning Stunts
MondaySocial 1Just Du It
MondaySocial 1Natty's No Tan Lines
MondaySocial 1Purple Parrots
MondaySocial 2Bumps and Bruises
MondaySocial 2Chewblocka
MondaySocial 2Error: Mud
MondaySocial 2Free Beer Week
MondaySocial 2Get Diggy With It
MondaySocial 2Hit for Brains
MondaySocial 2Hustlers
TuesdayB+Got Skillz
TuesdayB+Hand Service
TuesdayB+Over In Three
TuesdayB+Spike Tyson
TuesdayB+The Sauce
TuesdayB+Those Guys
TuesdayB+WHAT THE!
TuesdayB130 and Hurting...Jamo Helps!
TuesdayB1Beach Ballz
TuesdayB1Building Boobs in the Sand
TuesdayB1Da Bundy's
TuesdayB1Spiked Punch
TuesdayB2Fondling Tips
TuesdayB2Goff's War Pandas
TuesdayB2Practice Safe Sets
TuesdayB2Team Dillett
TuesdayB2The Empire Spikes Back
TuesdayB2Titanic Swim Team
TuesdayB2Within Striking Distance
TuesdayC1Bucky's Ballers
TuesdayC1Scared Hitless
TuesdayC1The New Berlin Wall
TuesdayC1Threat Level Midnight
TuesdayC2All Sets Are Off
TuesdayC2Hit Squad
TuesdayC2Kamikaze Chipmunks
TuesdayC2Nutz & Voltz
TuesdayC2Sandbox Warriors
TuesdayC2Setting Ducks
TuesdayC2That Ace Doe
TuesdayC2The Network
TuesdayC3My Ball Your Face
TuesdayC3Oopsie Poopsie
TuesdayC3Serving Cervezas
TuesdayC3Two Bump Chumps
TuesdayC4 - Early BirdSet It and Forget It
TuesdayC4 - Early BirdTeam Andrina
TuesdayC4 - Early BirdTruffle Butter
TuesdayC4 - Early BirdTypical Tuesday
TuesdaySocial 1Front Set
TuesdaySocial 1NO DIG'GITY
TuesdaySocial 1Safe Sets
TuesdaySocial 1Sets on the Beach
TuesdaySocial 1We’d Hit That...If We Could
TuesdaySocial 2Back Set
TuesdaySocial 2Butt Sets
TuesdaySocial 2Unprotected Sets
WednesdayB+Paint Brushes and Shanks
WednesdayB+Please Let Us Win
WednesdayB+The Sauce
WednesdayB+You in Time Out!
WednesdayB1Free Ballin'
WednesdayB1Kiss My Pass!
WednesdayB1Sets and Candy
WednesdayB1Six Bad Knees
WednesdayB1Sparkles in the Sand
WednesdayB1Team Lift
WednesdayB2Just One More
WednesdayB2MKE Blizzard
WednesdayB2Net Sand Balls
WednesdayB2Spitzer's Pub and Eatery
WednesdayC1Sets Appeal
WednesdayC2Bump Set Spark
WednesdayC2Hit Faced
WednesdayC2Notorious D.I.G.
WednesdayC2Scared $hitless
WednesdayC2Sets on the Beach
WednesdayC2You Can't Set With Us
WednesdayC3Beavis and Bumpheads
WednesdayC3Gunz n’ Bunz
WednesdayC3I Wanna Set You Up!
WednesdayC3Jerod Bennett
WednesdayC3That's What She Set
WednesdayC3Trump's Wall
WednesdayC4 - Early BirdEssentially 4 Fun
WednesdayC4 - Early BirdEverbrite!
WednesdayC4 - Early BirdNice Pass
WednesdaySocial 1Kiss Our Aces
WednesdaySocial 1We Used to Play on Thursdays, but...
WednesdaySocial 2Drinking Team with A Volleyball Problem
WednesdaySocial 2Served Hot
WednesdaySocial 2Skunked Again
WednesdaySocial 3 - Early BirdBALLS
WednesdaySocial 3 - Early BirdEverbrite!
ThursdayB+Goon Squad
ThursdayB+Poundin’ Aces
ThursdayB+The Brick
ThursdayB+The Sauce
ThursdayB+Thug Life
ThursdayB1Balls Deep
ThursdayB1Consensual Sets
ThursdayB1How I Set Your Mother
ThursdayB1Thug Life
ThursdayB2Deb's Team
ThursdayB2FKRS #1
ThursdayB2JUST 1 MORE
ThursdayB2Marry’s Caddyshack
ThursdayB2Property ReVision
ThursdayB2Sett’r?! Just Met Her!
ThursdayB2Three in a Roe
ThursdayC1Bump 'N Grind
ThursdayC1Cheap Shots
ThursdayC1Prince Kenny’s CURN
ThursdayC1Tap That Ace
ThursdayC1Volley Llamas
ThursdayC2Cabo Wabo
ThursdayC2Do Your Best, Set the Rest
ThursdayC2Hart's Attack
ThursdayC2Some Spike it Hot
ThursdayC3 - Early BirdACS SAVAGES
ThursdayC3 - Early BirdFKRS #1
ThursdayC3 - Early BirdMotivators
ThursdayC3 - Early BirdWilson's...Wilson's
ThursdayC3 - Early BirdZesty Pistols
ThursdayCoed 4's - ABye
ThursdayCoed 4's - AFluffy Unicorns
ThursdayCoed 4's - AJV
ThursdayCoed 4's - ANice Moose
ThursdayCoed 4's - AThe Brick
ThursdayCoed 4's - AThe Sauce
ThursdaySocial 1Between the Spreadsheets
ThursdaySocial 1De-De-Dees
ThursdaySocial 1OFF IN CHURCH
ThursdaySocial 1Seven 50
ThursdaySocial 1The Volley Llamas
ThursdaySocial 2Dropped - One Hit Wonders
ThursdaySocial 2Hard Core Sets
ThursdaySocial 2Network No Tan Lines
ThursdaySocial 2Oops I Dig It Again
ThursdaySocial 2Set It and Forget It
ThursdaySocial 2Verona's Volleyers
ThursdaySocial 3 - Early BirdChr. Hansen Sand Slingers
FridayB1 - 6:30Dazzling Dummies
FridayB1 - 6:30Deb's Team
FridayB1 - 6:30Finger Bang
FridayB1 - 6:30Swap Orginals
FridayB1 - 6:30That's What She Said
FridayB2 - 7:30Hot Sets Party
FridayB2 - 7:30Net Ninjas
FridayB2 - 7:30Rough Sets
FridayB2 - 7:30Sure Shot
FridayB2 - 7:30That's What She Said
FridayB2 - 7:30V Ball Team
FridayC1 - 5:30Dazzling Dummies
FridayC1 - 5:30Hitting Our Prime
FridayC1 - 5:30How I Set Your Mother
FridayC2 - 8:30Dat Ace Doe
FridayC2 - 8:30Fireballers
FridayC2 - 8:30Imploding Kittens
FridayC2 - 8:30Set on My Face
FridaySocial 2 - 6:306th Floor Bitches
FridaySocial 2 - 6:30ACS SAVAGES
FridaySocial 2 - 6:30Always Thirsty
FridaySocial 2 - 6:30Bumpin' Uglies
FridaySocial 2 - 6:30THE COOLEST TEAM EVER
FridaySocial 2 - 6:30That's What She Set
FridaySocial 2 - 6:30The Volley Llamas
FridaySocial 2 - 6:30Two Bump Chumps
FridaySocial 3 - 7:30Sand Devils
FridaySocial 3 - 7:30Sand Storm
FridaySocial 3 - 7:30Serving Up Attitude
FridaySocial 3 - 7:30Smack My Beach Up
FridaySocial 3 - 7:30Team Lift
FridaySocial 3 - 7:30Tom Foolery
FridaySocial 3 - 7:30Volleyball Buddies
FridaySocial 4 - 8:30Beach Bums
FridaySocial 4 - 8:30I’d Hit That
FridaySocial 4 - 8:30Not The Face!
FridaySocial 4 - 8:30O'Lydia's 6 Pack
FridaySocial 4 - 8:30Two Bump Chumps
SundayB1 - 5:30Dazzling Dummies
SundayB1 - 5:30Dirty Meatballs
SundayB1 - 5:30Nice Pass
SundayB1 - 5:30Scary Angels
SundayB1 - 5:30Serves You Right
SundayB1 - 5:30Sushi in the Hot Tub
SundayB1 - 5:30Tecmo Super Spike
SundayB2 - 6:30Dazzling Dummies
SundayB2 - 6:30Dirty Meatballs
SundayB2 - 6:30Lopsided Bears
SundayB2 - 6:30Nice Pass
SundayB2 - 6:30Sushi in the Hot Tub
SundayB2 - 6:30We Dig Your Balls
SundayB3 - 7:30Fucksicles
SundayB3 - 7:30Hitfaced
SundayB3 - 7:30Jagged Lizards
SundayB3 - 7:30Nailed It
SundayB3 - 7:30Suicide Squad
SundayB3 - 7:30The Jewelry Center
SundayC1 - 3:30Bump Set WTF!?
SundayC1 - 3:30Go Spike Yourself
SundayC1 - 3:30Serve-Ace-Ah!
SundayC1 - 3:30Six Pack of Pain
SundayC1 - 3:30Spike It Or Not
SundayC1 - 3:30Who? Seth Jones!
SundayC2 - 4:30Bump Set WTF?!
SundayC2 - 4:30Go Spike Yourself
SundayC2 - 4:30Heads in the Sand
SundayC2 - 4:30Nice Pass
SundayC2 - 4:30Serve-Ace-Ah!
SundayC2 - 4:30Serves You Right
SundayC2 - 4:30Shorthanded
SundayC2 - 4:30Sun of a Beach
SundayC3 - 5:30Kinky Sets
SundayC3 - 5:30Regals
SundayC3 - 5:30Shorthanded
SundayC3 - 5:30Truffle Shuffle
SundayC4 - 8:30Notorious D.I.G.
SundayC4 - 8:30Studly Cannons
SundaySocial 1 - 3:30#Sorrynotsorry
SundaySocial 1 - 3:30Optimized Couch Potatoes
SundaySocial 1 - 3:30Silver Platters
SundaySocial 2 - 4:30Not the Face!
SundaySocial 2 - 4:30Sandy Clams
SundaySocial 3 - 6:30Beevis and Bumphead
SundaySocial 3 - 6:30DTP
SundaySocial 3 - 6:30Fuego
SundaySocial 3 - 6:30Kiss My Ace
SundaySocial 3 - 6:30Remarkable Estranged Spouses
SundaySocial 3 - 6:30Safe Sets
SundaySocial 4 - 7:30AMERICAN BOLT
SundaySocial 4 - 7:30Miller alley cats
SundaySocial 4 - 7:30Murph's Mayhem
SundaySocial 4 - 7:30Old Sand Diggers
SundaySocial 4 - 7:30Sonova Beach
SundaySocial 4 - 7:30Studly Cannons
SundaySocial 4 - 7:30That's What She Set
SundaySocial 4 - 7:30Tom Foolery
SundaySocial 4 - 7:30We Showed Up
SundaySocial 5 - 8:30Aceholes
SundaySocial 5 - 8:30Bump, Set, Dismember
SundaySocial 5 - 8:30Kiss My Ace
SundaySocial 5 - 8:30TBD
SundaySocial 5 - 8:30The New Mutants